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Dignity's Alcove's Mission

Dignity's Alcove Veterans Shelter

Dignity's Alcove's mission is to create effective outreach and support for homeless veterans in the Northern California Central Valley by providing individualized supportive services.

Our services are developed to effectively help homeless veterans break the cycle of homelessness. Program involvement, structured by phase levels, promotes productivity, motivation, and instruction in finding permanent housing, securing a substantial income and addressing challenges such as mental illness, physical illness, and substance abuse. Veterans helping veterans is a mission that can and will succeed with strategic planning, dedication, and team work.

About the Founders

Harold and his wife Mary were once homeless veterans who sought refuge in drugs only to discover their creation of a larger problem than the one they were trying to mask. They were sinking and actually digging a deeper hole of destruction and hopelessness. Thankfully, there was assistance! A Veteran's In-Patient Program called HVRP (Homeless Veterans Rehabilitation Program) located in Menlo Park, CA., was a lifesaver for Mary and Harold. HVRP required much of its clients with a great return, a second chance at life. They found themselves motivated and looked forward to new challenges, opportunities, and accomplishments.

In 2006, Harold and Mary founded Dignity's Alcove Inc., a transitional and recovery program which offers a (6) six- month alcohol and drug program for veterans, and an (18) eighteen- month transitional living program. The services are focused on behavior modification because Harold and Mary believe that when their clients change their thinking, they will change their behavior. They believe and incorporate as a model (CBT) Cognitive Behavior Training as a means of aiding their clients in behavior modification.

Harold and Mary educationally prepared themselves to serve their clientele by successfully attending the University of Pacific (UOP) in Stockton, California, where they completed a Substance Abuse Coun-selor Program and graduated with honors. They also enrolled in Breining Institute College and became certified as Registered Addiction Specialists (RAS) in the Advanced Study of Addictive Disorders. (RAS) credentials are accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA).

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